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Graduate Software Dev Engineer - Bucharest, Bucharest

CategorySoftware Development
Job typeFull Time
At the Amazon Development Center, Bucharest, part of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we work on global-scale compute platforms, with special focus on serverless & container virtualization technologies, trusted compute, and server fleet tooling for AWS EC2. We invent, own, and operate core compute platforms for EC2, Amazon, and the cloud.
We are looking for passionate, customer-focused, self-driven graduate to join one of the teams working on the high-performance virtual machine monitors, hypervisor security systems, and system management software that powers AWS. You will participate in the full development cycle from design and implementation to deployment and operations. This is an exciting opportunity for you to create new products and services, and to innovate as part of a team that feels like a start-up!

In this role, you will work on AWS Nitro Enclaves [1], which enables customers to create isolated compute environments to further protect and securely process highly sensitive data; or Firecracker [1], an open source virtualization technology that is purpose-built for creating and managing secure, multi-tenant container and function-based services that provide serverless operational models. Firecracker is the basis of AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate, while other teams such as Kata Containers and Weaveworks have used Firecracker to enable Kubernetes pods to be isolated within microVMs.

Your main goal will be to create customer value. You will: work to understand our customers' needs in order to design, write code and test new components; own and automate operations; contribute new ideas and methods to continuously improve quality and development efficiency; and innovate in the area of minimalistic virtualization.

[1] https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/nitro/nitro-enclaves
[2] https://github.com/firecracker-microvm/firecracker

Basic Qualifications:

• Knowledge of a compiled programming language (C, C++, D, Rust, Swift).
• Interest, knowledge, or experience in low-level software engineering and/or systems programming.
• Knowledge of the typical Linux toolbox of open source software development and administration tools.
• Comfortable in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment where engineers are owners.

Preferred Qualifications:
• BS/BA in computer science or a related discipline.
• Experience with of low-level software engineering and/or systems programming, for example with Linux, C, C++, or Rust.
• Proficient in the typical Linux toolbox of open source software development and administration tools.
• A solid understanding of Linux and OS internals.
• Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

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